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Mystery QAL clue 3

I devoted this weekend to clue 3 of the Scrapitude Mystery QAL.

My sewing mojo was really off.  I kept making really dumb mistakes, and my seam ripper got quite a workout.  And my seam allowance was all over the place.  Usually I’m fairly consistent, but despite using the same line I normally do, my blocks grew and shrank randomly.

I couldn’t even read directions correctly.  My eyes saw 4 1/2″ despite the fact that the number turned out to be 4 1/4″. That doesn’t help in making correctly sized blocks.  Nor does forgetting to cut squares into 4 sections, not two.

Despite all this, the various parts of clue 3 are done.  Not necessarily done well, but done.

My best guess at how the various pieces are going to come together.


But it there are a lot of squares left, so there are still some twists yet to come.


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