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Night Sky is done!

And my son loves it.

The light isn’t great, as the sun was going down on a cloudy day, but I dragged the kids outside to hold it over the deck edge anyway.

This quilt has been quite a long time in the making.  It started when I made some paper pieced stars that were posted on the Wombat Quilts blog.  Her finished quilt is here.  I loved the scrappy background, but didn’t want more paper piecing, so mine is improv quilting.  I also decided that it needed a moon, and some trees beneath the stars.

You can see my gradual progress herehere, and here.

Today I stitched down the last bit of the binding, after an overnight wait because I inexplicably didn’t have any dark green thread.  Just a couple more thread ends to bury and I can pop it in the washer to get soft and crinkly.  Then it is going on my older son’s bed tonight!



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