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Scrappy Stars Around the Corner, clue 2

Several sewing sessions this weekend yielded 20 finished blocks.

Lots of sizing up and corner clipping.  I mixed sewing randomly and trying to make sure that the same fabrics didn’t end up directly next to each other.  Generally successful, but a few times I slipped up as the number of fabrics grew along with the blocks.

I had fairly good luck keeping all the points, so I’m showing some improvement there, but my scant 1/4″ seam is a little too narrow so I’ve a new goal to work on.

And then there is watching which way I attach the pieces:

The finished blocks are 12 1/2″.  I still have a lot of squares left, so either these blocks are going to get bigger, or the sashing is going to be fancy.

There are a lot of yellow squares that haven’t been touched yet.

The original directions specified squares of three values: dark to medium fabrics, medium to light, and very light.  The background could be very dark or white.  I went with the white, since I was already using blacks in the pattern and didn’t want to lose the difference, but now the pale grays/tans I used for the light colors don’t seem much different than the white background.  It works in these blocks, but I may have to make adjustments coming up if the two are ever going to touch.


While I sewed, my visiting sister worked on the octopus that we started months ago.  She is in charge of getting the button suckers sewn on so I can quilt it.


There is a ways to go, but she’s promised to add at least six buttons a day.



2 thoughts on “Scrappy Stars Around the Corner, clue 2

  1. It is fused on, and then I stitch around the edges for added security. So raw edge appliqué. The fabric was so perfect for an octopus – some batik fat quarters I happened to have in the closet.


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