Visible mending

I can’t remember what combination of blog links led me to this post on the TomofHolland site about a visible mending project, but I liked the ideas behind it, and the visual effect, and put it in my mental try-this-someday file.

Enter my charcoal cardigan and a small hole in its front.


I looked up some mending techniques, as my experience with repairs has been solely machine based before this.  I followed the directions found here, that I had saved to Pinterest a while back.

(Brief tangent to rant about how angry Pinterest is making me.  Trying to access my boards through my browser is impossible as it demands downloading the app onto my iPad. I don’t want the app, but it won’t let me see my boards or search for pins without the it anymore.  Why won’t they just let me use the website?  Why do they care how I get to it, as long as I’m using their program?  I don’t like the app interface.  And now I don’t like using Pinterest either.  End rant.)

Here is the result:



I rather like the scattered seed stitch effect, but I’m not sure I like the appearance of the mend on the sweater,  it looks a little like I spilled something on my stomach.  If there were more holes, more mended areas, it would look better.  But I’m not going to chop more holes, so I think this is coming out, and I’ll mend it again with a charcoal thread.

But I’m going to keep the concept in mind for the future.




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Hello from Washington. I am a knitter, spinner, and quilter who is constantly looking for the next fiber hobby to add.

2 thoughts on “Visible mending”

    1. It didn’t last. I decided I either had to put a lot more patches in so it would look like purposeful design or switch to charcoal thread. So it is now no longer visible mending – I went with the the charcoal. But I am going to try it again sometime with something I don’t plan to wear to work. 🙂


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