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An upcycled pillow

My niece’s initials are HK, and my sister, an ardent thrift store addict, found a t-shirt with those initials and asked me to make a pillow out of it for my niece’s birthday.  It has been sitting around waiting for my fickle attention, and today I finally looked at the calendar and counted the days until the birthday and realized I’d better get cracking.

HK pillow - front

No progress pics because it went so quickly I didn’t pause to think to take them.  To stabilize the knit fabric I fused to a square from a sheet that was another thrift store purchase once upon a time.  The picture isn’t quite centered due to needing to cut away the neck ribbing.

For the back I made two hemmed red pieces to overlap to make the pillow removeable for washing.  A quick seam around the edges, clipped corners, flipped right side out and stuffed, and a pillow is born.

HK pillow - back


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